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School Enrollment System

Make school enrollment a breeze with On-Line School Registration

On-Line Registration

  • Reduces your staff's workload
  • Organizes your annual registration
  • Eliminates paper forms
  • Keeps your school database up to date all year
  • Interfaces with PowerSchool
  • Uses a secure username/password log-in
  • Is hosted on a secure server
  • All data is backed up
Benefits for Administration
  • Always have up-to-date information available
  • See who has/has not registered
  • No more hand entry of registration forms
  • View/print completed forms
  • Can customize for your school
  • Interfaces with PowerSchool
Benefits for Parents
  • Forms populated with previous years' information, making registration simple
  • Have access 24 hours a day from your home or office
  • Update information during the school year
  • Eliminates redundant information on multiple pieces of paper
  • Receive an email confirmation
  • Drastically reduces time if family has more than one child

Lose the paper. Simplify and Organize your school office. Contact SchoolSystems today!

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