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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I see the program(s) before committing to purchasing them?
    A: The Parent-Teacher Connect program has a demo available at You can run the program as an administrator, teacher, and a parent. Nothing you can do within the demo will have any lasting effects so schedule conferences or upload datafiles without fear of causing a problem.

    The Instructional Intervention Scheduling program has a demo available at

  • Q: What if my parent teacher conferences are unique or our registration forms are different than what you offer?
    A: The programs are configurable to account for the different policies and procedures at the various schools. However, if your school should require customization please contact us for a quote. Customization is expected on some products and you will find our rates are very affordable.

  • Q: Why isn't pricing available on your website - how do I find out what your products cost?
    A: Pricing information is available by contacting us directly via email or telephone. The pricing strategy is based on a per year licensing fee. Volume pricing is offered for whole districts with multiple buildings. Education is our passion and we work with schools to find simple affordable solutions.

  • Q: How do I install the product(s)?
    A: None of our products require installation on your computer/server. All products are hosted on web servers in a secure datacenter. Your school will be given a unique web address pointing to a site on our professionally managed server.

  • Q: The computer support person at our school is a teacher, not an IT expert. How much experience will they need to run your programs?
    A: So far no one has had any troubles running or administering our programs. The user interface was designed to be simple and intuitive. All products are tested on various web browsers on Windows and Apple products, tablets, and smart phones. We are sure that your teachers and parents won't have any troubles using our products no matter what their computer skill level is. Of course, should problems arise, we are available to answer your questions or help you through a situation.

  • Q: If schools close again because of a pandemic, such as COVID-19, how quickly can we start using the video conferencing capability?
    A: If you are already using Parent-Teacher Connect all you have to do is go into Step 1 of the setup and enable it, even if parents have already started signing up. If you are not yet a customer of ours give us a call, we can normally set you up the same day or by the next day.

  • Q: How integrated is your video conferencing, how does the parent get the code to use?
    A: When video conferencing is enabled, for every appointment the parent and the teacher will have a button. This button is also in the email reminders the parent receives. The buttons have all the special codes embedded in it to launch and join the video. There are no usernames or passwords to join the video, there are no long obscure codes to enter.

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