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Instructional Intervention Scheduling

An easy to use, web-based Instructional Intervention scheduling program

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Schools want a no-hassle, easy way to schedule their Instructional Intervention sessions and also get data (statistics). Students want to sign up for help quickly and conveniently from their mobile devices. Teachers want one program where they can schedule intervention sessions and take attendance.

Our on-line Instructional Intervention program has greatly reduced the efforts of schools that are using other programs, or that are still using paper schedules.

Instructional Intervention Scheduling

  • Reduces your staff's workload
  • Organizes your Intervention time
  • Eliminates paper scheduling
  • Pulls data from your SIS database to use class rosters as a starting point
  • Saves attendance and statistics to Excel files for easy analysis
  • Uses a secure username/password log-in
  • Is hosted on a secure server offering 256-bit encryption
Benefits for Teachers/Administration
  • Require attendance for particular students
  • See who has signed up for their classes
  • Can quickly see where a student should be
  • Can add clubs and activities that would be of interest to the students
  • Computes statistics on conference attendance; daily, weekly, and yearly stats
  • Set the maximum number of students per class
  • Prioritize classes by category
  • Teachers receive an email if attendance is not filled in at the end of the week
Benefits for Students
  • Schedule a time with any class they are assigned to
  • Have access 24 hours a day to schedule their intervention classes
  • Screens optimized for Mobile devices for students 'on-the-go'
  • View and change their schedule without contacting the teacher or office
  • Will receive a daily email message notifying them of the next days' intervention class

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