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Q: I am setting up conferences and some of the buttons are greyed out. I can not click on them.
A: There are two reasons for this.
  1. Go into Step 1 of the setup and make sure the sign up start date is in the future, even one day into the future is fine. You can set this back later.
  2. Go into Step 3 of the setup and make sure the year for each day of conferences is set to the current year.

Q: Files are downloaded from the school database and appear to be in the right format, but only one student shows up in the list.
A: This has been seen on schools using Apple computers and using TextEdit as an ASCII text editor. The EOL characters are not compatible with the Windows server. To solve this you can:
  1. Open the files in Excel for Mac and save the files in MS-DOS CSV format;
  2. Use TextWrangler text editor (free download) to modify the files;
  3. Rename the files with a .csv extension;
  4. use a Windows PC.

Q: I am getting ready to set up conferences for the new school year. Will I have to delete the current information that is in there?
A: Uploading new student, teacher and class data files will overwrite the old data. Go ahead and export the new student, teacher, and class files from your SIS and upload the data files to the conference program and you will be ready to set up conferences.

Q: A student was accidentally deleted can you restore them?
A: This can be done by re-loading the students file in Step 2 of the setup. Do NOT add the student and use that same ID since that will overwrite the data file with their reservations.

Q: I would like to print the teacher's schedules so each one fits on a single page.
A: It depends on the browser you are using. In Firefox after you click print you can adjust the scale to 60%. In Google Chrome after you click print you can click "+ More settings" then adjust the Scale to 60%. You can try 55% or 50% until you get the schedule to fit on a single page.

Q: Is there a way to generate a 2nd conference for students of divorced parents?
A: By selecting the Create 2nd Conf for Student option, a second login can be created for a student of parents that wish to have separate conferences. Simply click on the Create 2nd Conf for Student button and then select the student(s) that need a second conference. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Copy Selected Students button. A list of the student's 2nd conference Username and Password will be shown. (Note: The Username, Password, and email address can be changed at any time by selecting the Change Student Info option.)

Q: We only want to show the Homeroom class and not all the other classes taught by the same teacher.
A: In the Setup Conferences, Step 2, click on Limit Classes to Conference With. Then select the Homeroom(s), or all the classes you want to keep. Click the button at the bottom of the page. Run steps 4 and 5 and possibly 7 again.

Q: I had to go back and change the day or times of conferences but the old day or times is still showing.
A: You made a change to Step 3 of the setup and need to run steps 4, 5, and 7 again. It is also a good idea to run Step 8 again too.

Q: I have everything setup but the days and times for the students do not match the days and times of the teachers.
A: It sounds like you ran Step 4 of the setup but not Step 5. Try running Step 5 again and see if that fixes the problem. You may also have to run Step 7 and it is also a good idea to run Step 8 again.

Q: I have a teacher that cannot get logged in.
A: The program defaults to the parent log-in screen. Make sure the teacher clicks the "Teachers" link in the upper left corner under the school logo.

Q: I need more help, who do I contact?
A: Send an email with your name and school district/building to this address (click the link): support@myschoolsystems.com or give us a call at (319) 560-1336.

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